A sustainable way to safe food

Vegetable and fruit processing is a value chain with many stake holders from farmer to processing industries.

Multiple handling and lack of hygiene cause a lot of microbial load on this entire agriculture commodity, thereby affecting food safety limits.

Common challenges in the safe food manufacturing process and FSSAI compliance are

      • To Maintain low microbial load
      • To comply with GMP standards


Story of Ecleawa

Growing awareness of food safety & controlling microbes from farm gate to consumer table is big challenge.

In tune with Aatmanirbhar Bharat,we have developed an indigenous, user friendly & 100 % Green product.  The idea was to offer foodpreneurs & food processing industry ‘A chlorine free solution’ for achieving post harvest food safety.

Primary concerns for microbial load in food processing are

      • Raw material
      • Utensils & contact surfaces

The potential hazards caused by microbial load can be eliminated up to 99.99%* with the help of Ecleawa!

* Controlled test are conducted

Feature of Ecleawa

    • Removes 99.99%* spoilage and pathogenic microbes
    • No change in taste & smell of product
    • Hard and soft water compatible
    • Potent over multiple production cycles
    • Readily dissolves in water
    • 100 % ecofriendly
    • Effective pre treatment agent & easy to incorporate in the cleaning system


    • Disinfection of external surface of vegetable & fruits by reducing microbial load
    • Sanitization of equipments & contact surfaces used in processing industry like
        • Ready to eat
        • Pack houses
        • Frozen food units
        • Dehydration units
        • Restaurants, cafe & cloud kitchens

Product Proposition


Why use?





Food safety

  • It is made from organic acids and food grade material
  • It is an effective pre treatment agent and easy to incorporate in the cleaning system



Physical & biological hazard

  • Effectively removes soil ,dust, human handling residues
  • Potent antimicrobial activity to prevent food & equipment contamination





Positive impact on environment

  • Non toxic and non corrosive disinfection method
  • Chlorine, alcohol & paraben free
  • Bio-compatible solution reduces effluent treatment cost
  • Product activity retains for multiple cycles of disinfection





Social Impact

  • Product is developed & manufactured in India
  • Contributes to improve quality & efficiency of the process